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Better Cash Flow with Negative Amortization Loans & Payment Option
Every where I go people ask me if I recommend payment option mortgage loans.  I have been selling these loans for well over a decade, but I was called then negative amortization loans.  You get a low monthly payment, and then at the end of the year the mortgage company holding your paper increases your mortgage balance.  In some markets across the nation, this could be very risky to say the least.  To be fair these loans have evolved.  Now the loans offer 3 payment options each month. Borrowers choose from the fully indexed payment, the interest only or everyone's favorite the neg am payment.  This loan is also being marketed cleverly as the "Pick a Payment Loan."

Are Non Conforming Mortgage Loans Prime or Subprime Home Financing?
In today's credit driven society, the dream of homeownership has become a reality for many consumers throughout the 50 states. For the most part, homeownership has been positive for individuals and families experiencing the sense of pride from owning a home and making a mortgage payment monthly.

Can Southern California Residents Afford Mortgage Loan Payments for Million Dollar Homes?
Any loan amount above these conforming loan limits is considered a jumbo mortgage, and any amount over $650,000 is considered a super jumbo loan.

Jumbo Refinance Mortgages from Sub Prime Lenders for Borrowers with Bad Credit
Conforming loans are known as "A" loans. These are loans that are funded by Fannie Mae (FNMA) and Freddie Mac (FHLMC). Jumbo loans are loans that exceed the maximum limit funded by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac (currently $417,000 for single family homes).

Home Loans: Zero Down Financing is a Reality for First Time Homebuyers
In the face of rising interest rates, many lenders are now offering 100 percent home loans at near-market rates to conventional borrowers. These no-down-payment loans are generally targeted toward people with good credit (typically, FICO scores of 720 and higher) but not a lot of cash.

Mortgage Companies and Lending Banks Haven't Hit the Panic Button yet
Arizona, New Mexico & Colorado have signs of a slowing housing market. The mortgage lending industry hasn't hit the panic button just yet though....

ARM Alert: Adjustable Second Mortgage Rates Increasing
Homeowners from San Diego, California to Bangor Maine are now taking a hit as adjustable mortgage rates increase. Some financial experts say many are struggling to make ends meet trying to pay the house note.

Boomers cashing out could crash stock market
Some academics have extrapolated the known and have made some dire predictions about the stock market's movements and what it portends for baby boomers as they retire.

Today's HOME Spun Wisdom
Want to become a great listener? Here are some great tips on how to help you achieve maximum listening potential

First American Acquires Certified Closing Network
The First American Corporation (NYSE: FAF), the nation's largest data provider, today announced that it has acquired Certified Closing Network (CCN)...

New-Home Construction Continues at Robust Pace in July for Most of U.S.
New-home construction continued at a vigorous pace in July for most of the U.S. , the U.S. Commerce Department reported.

Southern California Homes Up, Up and Away
Southern California's median home price hit a record in July for the sixth consecutive month but sales eased off from June's blistering pace because of continued tight inventory, an industry tracker said Monday.

Builder Confidence Remains Strong
Builder confidence in the market for new single-family homes edged down somewhat in August but remained well within the elevated range that has characterized the past 17 months...

Florida Median Price Rises 29 Percent in Second Quarter 2005
Sales of single-family existing homes in Florida rose 4 percent in second quarter 2005 compared to the same time last year...

Baltimore's Still-Hot Housing Market Cools Slightly
Baltimore's overheated housing market may be showing some signs of cooling, with buyers appearing less willing to enter bidding wars, spend more than the asking price or snap up homes in mere days.

Federal Reserve Raises Target for the Federal Funds Rate to 3.5 Percent
The Federal Reserve has raised the target for the Federal Funds Rate to 3.5 percent.

Home Resales Down from Record, Price Gains Continue to Roll
Existing-home sales declined in July from a record in June, but home prices continue to rise at double-digit rates, according to the National Association of Realtors®.

MBA Is Projecting Robust Economic Growth of 3.5 Percent Through 2007
The Mortgage Bankers Association is projecting robust economic growth of 3.5 percent through 2007. Total residential mortgage production in 2005 will be $2.74 trillion, the third-biggest year behind 2003 and 2002.

US shares lower amid oil jitters, housing data Tue Aug 23, 6:22 PM ET
Wall Street shares slumped amid jitters over crude oil prices trading near record highs and a larger-than-expected decline in monthly existing home sales.

Explore options when buying a home: A first-time buyer generally needs good credit score to start the process in earnest.
I've been a renter for some time and want to buy my first home. My only challenge is that I don't have enough money saved for a down payment and want to know what my options are.

Behind The Mask: Credit Counseling Tue Aug 23, 11:02 AM ET
You have probably seen television commercials reaching out to consumers who are struggling to pay their monthly credit card debt.

Is your mortgage working for you? 22 August 2005
Your mortgage is likely to be your biggest financial commitment, so it's critical you take the time to regularly review it to make sure you're still getting the best deal.

A home loan that's easy to carry. Or not
Home-equity lines of credit come with easy terms and low interest rates. Don't believe it.

First time home buyer class scheduled
The dream of owning your own home can become a reality according to Sherry West, Director of County Coordinators for Deep Fork Community Action.

Good time to buy first home
Surprising as it may sound, the costs of owning a home these days can be substantially lower or comparable to those of renting.

Hot market not prone to foreclosures
Nationally, high home prices are causing more first-time buyers to put less cash down and rely upon various mortgage packages to secure their purchase.

Merrill analyst sees housing price fix
Prices in the hot U.S. housing market are poised to decline as demand dries up due to the inability of first-time buyers to afford a home, a Merrill Lynch analyst said in a research report on Monday.

Freddie Mac's weekly survey of mortgage rates released Thursday showed that rates on 30-year, fixed rate mortgages averaged 4 percent for the week ending November 6th.

For most of 2011, rates on benchmark 30-year mortgages averaged 4.25% percent, second only to last year's 4.125 percent, the lowest annual rate in Freddie Mac's record keeping.

Take out a Home Improvement loan and make those cosmetic changes that you've been talking about. In most cases, making home improvements increases the value of your property. Home Improvement Loans!

"No Income Verified" Debt Relief Programs - Is your income difficult to prove? We have debt consolidation mortgage loans that do not require the standard income documentation. (like W2's)

Do you have Less-than-perfect credit? - We specialize in debt consolidation loans even if your credit is in "the rebuilding phase".

Bankruptcy or Foreclosure - Even if you've had a bankruptcy, or foreclosure in the past, we will do our best to get you qualified for a debt consolidation loan.

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