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15-Year Mortgage

The 15-year fixed rate mortgage is a prudent loan for borrowers looking to maximize the lowest possible rate. The 15-year mortgage is also a great for people who want to own their home quickly. Thirty years is a long time, so if you have the ability to afford the higher payment of the fifteen-year mortgage, we strongly recommend it. The 15 year fixed mortgage rates start at 3.625%.

15 Year Mortgage Rates

15 Year Mortgages are popular

  • 15-Year Rates are Lower than 30-Year Rates
  • Borrowers Can Own their Home Quicker
  • Rates are at an all-time low!
  • Reduced Mortgage Terms

15 Year Mortgage

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Freddie Mac's weekly survey of mortgage interest rates released Thursday showed that rates on 15-year, fixed rate mortgages averaged 3.875 percent for the week ending December 3rd.
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